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Giampaolo Restaurant Bari

Seafood Specialties & Mediterranean Cuisine

The perfect combination of innovation and ancient flavors

Elegant and measured, the Giampaolo restaurant in Bari was born from the passion for catering inherent in the tradition of the De Tullio family.
The classic Apulian tuffs, and the elegant design are the background to a Mediterranean cuisine where quality, tradition and taste create a single connecting element. A place where the professionalism of the service and the sober elegance of the rooms are balanced with the creativity of the dishes.

At the Giampaolo Restaurant you can taste a menu with typically Mediterranean flavors ranging from fresh fish to traditional Bari dishes revisited in a gourmet key, enriched by a selection of fine national and international wines.

The fusion of creativity and Apulian culinary tradition gives life to a unique taste path that enhances local excellence.

Your fish restaurant in Bari

The quality and freshness of the local catch of the day, processed with passion and expertise, are the basis of our cuisine.

A unique experience in a modern and welcoming environment

At Giampaolo’s Restaurant in Bari, there is a continuous work on raw materials, from food research to preparations, which brings us back to the essentiality of food and the territory to which it is linked.
The balance of colors, shapes, flavors and sensations that flow from the dishes fully represents the founder’s spirit.

The entire gastronomic line is built around the flavors of the primary ingredients.
Accompanied by a careful and scrupulous wine list, which offers local wines and a selection of excellences from the Italian and French wine scene.

Excellent raw materials and fresh fish of the highest quality

The quality of raw materials is the basis of our gastronomic proposal. Every morning we select only the best ingredients, seeking freshness and favoring seasonality. Whether fish or meat, the common denominator and indispensable factor is high quality.

Thanks to more than 20 years of experience, we are able to offer our customers the best fresh fish and propose genuine dishes with authentic flavor.

Customer Reviews

Excellent seafood restaurant with very successful gourmet dishes, exquisite lobster and shrimp tortelloni but also with other courses you can't go wrong, very nice location in the center of town but out of the hustle and bustle. Highly recommended

Alessandra G.da Google

Great place to enjoy great seafood crudo and great hot seafood dishes! Truly excellent and highly recommended! Impeccable service in the room thanks to the professionalism of all the staff and great customer care by the owner as well!

Francesco D.da Google

Nice open air restaurant kindness courtesy of the waiters we had four first courses all really delicious ....buoni seafood ....ottima also mixed fried ....e desserts good good nice to see even the impiattamento..... really congratulations to the chef and the owner.... recommended

Angela M.da Google

For those who love fresh fish this place is among the best in bari! Really nice place and the staff always very attentive to the needs of customers. The quality is the freshness of the fish products is very high, the tuna and salmon tartare were sublime. And the price you spend is really proportional to the quality of the products. For those who love fishery products (raw but not only) I highly recommend trying this place.

Giovanni P.da Google